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Julabo Singapore Pte Ltd

Fast and accurate temperature control is crucial in the research and development for the automotive industry and aerospace. Julabo offers reliable instruments for the various tests under realistic conditions as well as test simulation. To ensure reproducible temperatures, manufacturers and suppliers require premium instruments supporting more than standard applications. 

With 11 subsidiaries worldwide, customer service and support play a key role at Julabo. In particular, the professional and solution-oriented Julabo Custom Solutions Department focuses on custom applications. The comprehensive accessory program offers suitable complete solutions and supplements for every customer-specific requirement.

The Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems’ performance data speaks for itself: impressively short heat-up and cool-down times and a very wide working temperature range without changing the bath fluid.  

Temperature control of test specimens such as:

•DC/DC converters | inverters

•Electric motors

•Pumps & pump drives

•Electronics components, batteries, charging systems, coupling components, airbags, injection nozzles and other components.

Perfect simulation of environmental conditions

Julabo Presto series reliably control test specimens, optimize heat input and dissipation and simulate environmental conditions during sensitive tests. A variety of different interfaces support applications in state of the art sectors and allows for quick digital integration. We offer important accessories such as flowmeters and electronically controlled three-way valves for controlling small flow rate of below 1 l/min.