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Green Li-ion's Breakthrough in Li-ion Battery Recycling

Our consortium member Green Li-ion has announced a breakthrough in the technology of lithium-ion battery recycling, offering advantages in faster process speed, less energy consumption & waste production, as well as a total recovery of precious metals in battery cathodes.
Industry News

Frost & Sullivan Honors LiRON in 2020 Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards

SBC congratulates LiRON for receiving the 2020 Asia-Pacific Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) Battery Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan! These awards are presented to organizations for elevating performance benchmarks and for their outstanding achievements in the industry.
Consortium Events

SBC-UL Webinar on International Standards for ESS

SBC partnered with Underwriters Laboratories to host a webinar on 11 June 2020 on the topics of international standards and risk mitigation for energy storage systems, and we are heartened by the overwhelming support and participation shown by our industry & academic members and various government agencies. If you wish to view the webinar again, please use this link.
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Hioki's Battery Measurement Solutions

Hioki offers a wide range of measurement solutions for battery development, production, reuse, and maintenance processes. In particular, they offer products that evaluate and test BMSs, as well as battery quality testing via impedance measurements.
Industry News

NTU Scientists Recover Precious Metals in Li-ion Batteries with Fruit Peels

Singapore scientists at NTU (including our consortium member Prof. Madhavi Srinivasan) have announced a novel process using orange peels to extract precious metals from battery waste, and subsequently creating functional batteries from these thereafter. The technique offers a new zero waste and environmentally friendly approach to battery recycling.