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Livent Corporation

Livent Corporation

Livent is a US-based, fully integrated global leader in high-performance lithium technology with a broad portfolio of products for electric vehicles and other energy storage applications, polymers and synthesis, lithium alloys, high-performance lubricants, and other specialty applications. Livent is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has manufacturing and sales facilities located globally, including seven production/sourcing sites, located in Argentina, China, India, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

As a pioneer in the lithium industry, Livent was the first lithium producer to supply lithium carbonate to the first commercial lithium-ion battery developed by Sony in 1991. Currently, the company is the largest lithium hydroxide producer in the US; with a leading position in battery-grade lithium hydroxide manufacturing in China and globally.  Livent is one of only a small number of producers capable of consistently and sustainably delivering battery-grade lithium compounds that meet performance standards demanded by our customers for a wide range of cathode chemistries, and especially for high nickel content cathode materials.

Livent also has a deep history of innovation and is widely regarded as a leading domain expert in lithium applications for cathode, anode and battery technologies. Livent has developed technical knowledge across the entire battery value chain by partnering with customers to produce high performance lithium compounds which meet their evolving needs. Accordingly, the company has a focused R&D department that aims to bring both incremental improvements and next generation opportunities to align with customer road maps, including printable lithium for next generation anodes and lithium salts for high energy density cathodes and electrolytes.