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Equalithium was born out of the need for sustainable solutions in the electric mobility industry. Founded in 2022 by automotive logistics experts, Equalithium, under the Anvil group, is dedicated to addressing sustainability issues related to the production and disposal of electric mobility device batteries.

Use of Innovative Technology - The key difference is our innovative dry mechanical Li-ion battery recycling technology with patented vacuum drying methods.

Services - Recycling as a Service. We prioritise our business focus on Recycling as a Service (RaaS), offering sustainable and responsible battery recycling solutions.

End-of-Life Battery Collection - We offer collection of both EOL and defective batteries from domestic sources and clients to ensure responsible disposal at the end of their batteries’ lifespan.

Certifiable Disposal of EOL Batteries and Traceability for Export - We implement advanced RFID tracking to package black mass for export, thereby providing secure and traceable transportation to its destination. Equalithium thereby facilitates legitimate and environmentally friendly channels for the acceptance and disposal of End-of-Life batteries, complying with localized environmental regulations. This process also enable us to offer reliable domestic delivery and export of black mass to RaaS participants, promoting responsible and sustainable battery recycling practices.

Sustainable Use of Critical Material from End-of-Life Batteries - In recovering the critical material by way of distilling the black mass from EOL batteries, Equalithium provides a sustainable source of material for the production of new generations of e-mobility device batteries, reducing the reliance on extraction of such material from raw earth. Our goal is to assist you in recycling your lithium-ion batteries. Get in touch with us at our contact info below.


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