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Battery Tech Article

February 17, 2020

Smart Telemetry for e-Mobility Battery Power System

Smart Telemetry for e-Mobility Battery Power SystemSmart Telemetry for e-Mobility Battery Power SystemSmart Telemetry for e-Mobility Battery Power System

Technology Overview

The smart telemetry is a system for remote monitoring of the status and parameters of the battery system in electric vehicles. The system front-end comprises of Global Positioning System (GPS) and 3rd Generation/4th Generation cellular communication (3G/4G) enabled devices with built-in sensors, to provide battery stack monitoring and data-logging capabilities.  Data collected are relayed in real-time to data centre at the back-end.  The system is a plug and play setup and comes with remote system recovery function from the server.The technology is connected to the car's battery management system to collect the basic battery data through CAN bus for State-of-Charge (SoC) and State-of-Health (SoH) determination. The algorithm developed and built in on-board to determine the SoC and SoH of the battery pack, can support individual cell level. The technology will monitor and diagnose different parameters (i.e. Voltage, Temperature, SoC, SoH) of the individual battery cell in real time, and provide notifications of the failure/defective cell.

Technology Features & Specifications

The key technology features include: Plug and play technology equipped with CAN bus interface: Additional sensor cables layout on the vehicle are not required Equipped with NFC/RFID capabilities: Allows the management team to manage the vehicles individually by using the driver's registered NFC/RFID card (e.g. staff card, campus card etc) Built-in optimised communication algorithm for signal-lost cases: Improve the reliability of the wireless connectivity Bi-directional communication: User is not only able to monitor and track the battery power system's status, but can also enable/disable the battery power output remotely once any emergent case occursSpecifications: Measurement type supported: Voltage: 0 to 90Vdc, 100mV resolution Current: -150 to 150A, 200mA resolution Temperature: 0 to 100 degC, 0.5 degC resolution Work with BMS (Battery management system) GPS accuracy: < 1m Hot start: 1 second Cold start: 26 seconds 2-level sleep mode for energy saving 32-bit ARM based microprocessor HSDPA 21.1 Mb/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mb/s Real-time monitoring and remote control RFID technology based user management MQTT/HTTP compatible Work with local backend/cloud platforms

Potential Applications

Urban electric vehicle positioning, battery power management, and user management Stationary energy storage Industry remote data acquisition and real-time transmission Maritime and military applications


Improved productivity Reliable real-time remote monitoring of battery power system Usage report provided to the owner Enhanced safety Real-time fault diagnostics and warning system Worldwide tracking and user management system Reduced cost for management Automated system upgrading One-stop and customised capabilities

Key information

Technology Category
  • Energy - Sensor, Network, Power Conversion, Power Quality & Energy Management
Technology Readiness Level: TRL7
ID Number: TO112337
Source: IPI Singapore