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Leader Electronics Inc.

Leader Electronics is committed to the design, development and manufacture of efficient power electronics products that earn the trust of our customers. We do more than supply power products, our complete system perspective helps customers with the best power electronics solution. The products we offer are classified into industrial, consumer, and commercial. Our design, R&D engineering, testing and manufacturing enable our customers to shorten product time-to-market.




Genplus' core business is centred around electrification, providing sustainable power solutions for your energy needs.  Our specialty comes in the use of lithium ion and lead acid batteries to provide energy storage solutions.  Our strong project team provides a wide range of energy storage solutions for you, from portable systems to grid scale stationary storage, and microgrid and offgrid solutions.  In 2020, Genplus went one step further in our sustainability push by closing the loop, tying up with a recycling partner and venturing into repurposing retired EV batteries, allowing us to also provide battery sorting service for 2nd life applications and provide energy storage systems made with retired batteries to power your energy needs sustainably.

Green Energy Investment Holdings

As a solution provider, Green Energy Investment Holding uses innovative and patented technology to produce a variety of cost-effective products from biomass, such as diesel fuel, hydrogen, electricity, biochar and so on. Our purpose is to be the key enabler of Green Energy Solutions globally. After years of research & development into biomass energy, we are now proud to take our first step in building up a demonstration plant in South-East Asia.

The biochar produced can be used in soil enhancement and compost processing. Using our proprietary technology, with the right conditions and temperature, we can produce graphite or graphene-like carbon materials using biomass, which is different from the conventional processes. The applications include battery, capacitor, supercapacitor, strengthening of material, etc.

On the other hand, the biodiesel produced by us is the 2nd Generation (G2) biodiesel, which does not require blending with conventional diesel. It can be directly used by the vehicle on the road. Variety of biomass waste can be used as the feedstock of the plant. For instance, bagasse, wood waste, horticultural waste, etc. This offers feedstock flexibility as well as stability and it does not consume food crop.

As an industry player who encourages the efficient conversion of biomass waste into high-value products, we are constantly seeking collaboration with industry partners and academic members to utilise or to discover potential applications of our products. Please contact us for more details and we are happy to hear from you.  

Green Li-ion

Green Li-ion solves the existential risk to the precious metals industry and the environment. Our patented deep technology is cleaner, faster, and 4x more profitable than current lithium-ion battery recycling and the only technology to fully rejuvenate the battery cathode.

For two decades, lithium-ion batteries have been our preferred source of portable energy, but the sad reality is that with a lifespan of only 1 - 3 years with 95% of ending up as dangerous landfill. The precious metals used to manufacture them are often mined in socially and environmentally damaging ways. The reason they are not recycled is that it is simply not economical to do so with current technology. Green Li-ion changes this by removing 1 - 3 inefficient processes and improved purity of the output making lithium-ion battery rejuvenation and re-use the new reality.

Green Li-ion's Multi-Cathode technology and control unit GLMC-1 enhances current lithium-ion battery recycling lines to produce 99.9% pure cathodes, resulting in 4x profits for e-recyclers and lithium-ion Battery recyclers while halving production time. Currently, this is the only technology we know of in the world that can handle all major lithium-ion batteries at one time, which means no sorting process is required.